About Qyas

Qyas (Quantitative and Qualitative Measurement Co. Ltd.) is a leading local Custom Market Research Company in Saudi Arabia and is one of the largest and the oldest full-service Market Research companies in the country. We provide quality marketing information backed by our team of expert researchers from diverse backgrounds such as marketing, statistics, economics and research techniques. We apply intelligent and scientific research methodologies to arrive at robust results for our clients.

We have our offices across the Kingdom and resources spread throughout the Pan Arab region. We are the market research company in the Kingdom who can boast of having one of the largest field team comprising of experienced male and female bilingual surveyors holding a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

B2B Research

Research, where the target market for our clients is not final consumers, but intermediate companies. We work with businesses in a variety of ways to find answers to their marketing problems.

Companies selling and marketing intermediate goods and services face unique challenges. Their customers may be smaller in number but are more knowledgeable. The buying process of their goods and services is lengthy and complicated where publicity, and advertising is less effective. We work with each of our clients to understand their unique problems, and work with them until the desired results are achieved.

Consumer Research

Research that concentrates on understanding the final consumer. We work with companies to delve deep into the local consumer, his mindset; and guide companies in their marketing efforts.

Companies selling to end users have to feel the consumers’ pulse constantly. The Company has to constantly track its customers’ awareness and perceptions about its brand, products and services, and effectiveness of its marketing efforts. Customer attitudes and competition has to be constantly tracked, to stay afloat in today’s market. We design research to our clients’ needs and come up with solutions they require.

Data Collection

Large statistical surveys are conducted for a variety of reasons. These surveys may be conducted through a census or a representative sample survey. Surveys provide important information in all research fields. We help our clients design surveys, choose the appropriate sampling design, collect, process and analyze the data collected through the surveys. Our forte is adherence to quality in large-scale surveys. If you are planning a census or a large statistical survey, contact us immediately.

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