Establisments Survey

Qyas has conducted several establishment surveys. Prominent among them is shown below:

Survey for Businesses in Riyadh to Populate ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA) website Arriyadh.Com 2006:

The survey was awarded to Qyas for collecting information on over 3,000 important businesses of interest to public in general and to tourists in particular. The target businesses covered were hotels, furnished apartments, restaurants, etc. The task included collection of information on name of the business, activity, working hours, specialties, etc. In addition, three photographs of each business were to be taken, one of the signboard of the business, one from outside and one inside the premises of the business. In all 27,000 photographs were taken, 9 for each business, and three were selected on the basis of aesthetical value of photograph and delivered to ADA.(Please visit the ADA website to see these photographs)

Some of Our
Prestigious Clients