Household Surveys (Socio-Economic Surveys)

Qyas has a number of household surveys to its credit. Prominent ones are:

Household, Residential Complexes and Diplomatic Quarters Survey: Year 2003
  • Qyas was commissioned to carry out household, residential complexes and diplomatic quarters’ survey for the city of Riyadh sponsored by ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA).
  • The objective of the household survey was to collect information on demographic and socio-economic variables, migration, poverty, unemployment and trips made by household members. The sample size was close to 11,500 households in Riyadh.

Household and Residential Complexes Survey: Year 1996
  • ADA commissioned Qyas to carry out survey of household and residential complexes for the city of Riyadh.
  • The sampling design was based on the data collected through Land Use Survey and the sample size was 5,000 households and all residential complexes.

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