Industrial Census

Industrial Censuses are conducted to develop a comprehensive database of industries in the country. The exercise provides the following valuable outcomes for better-informed policymaking:

  • Evaluate the productivity of the industrial sector
  • Assess the financial performance of the industrial sector
  • Evaluate the employment in industry
  • Develop future plans and strategies for the industrial sector
  • Industrial Surveys enable the policy makers and planners to construct indicators that monitor health of the industrial sector of the country.
  • These indicators are a critical means of formulating appropriate industrial policies to provide planned direction to the future course of industrial development.
  • The data from these surveys also enables a country to determine its relative industrial position among the countries of the world.

Qyas has conducted several industrial surveys, prominent among them are:

  • Census of Industries –Kingdom of Saudi Arabia annually – 1986 - 2002: for Ministry of Industry & Electricity for all licensed factories in the Kingdom. Custom designed questionnaire were used to gather data on production, finance, manpower, export/import, future plans, problems and solutions.

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