Satisfaction & Loyalty

Your customer satisfaction and loyalty is the key to your business success. At Qyas, our satisfaction and loyalty studies are dedicated to helping companies improve business performance through research, using advanced methods of customer satisfaction management, customer relationship management, and employee climate management.

Qyas has been in the Kingdom in the refinement of satisfaction measurement procedures for over three decades. We were one of the first market research companies in the Kingdom to advocate retention marketing, and leads in quantifying the link between service improvements and financial impact. We measure, model, manage, and monitor to help our clients improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and their bottom-line profits.

One of our core expertise is in executing customer satisfaction tracking studies. Our approach encompasses managing sample feeds, creating customer databases, directing field, providing performance metrics data and prioritizing areas for improvement. Our industry expertise includes automotive, public utilities, banking and financial services, technology and communication, travel and tourism, healthcare and retail amongst others.

Our Satisfaction & Loyalty Studies include:
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • Identifying Customer Loyalty & Commitment

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