Market Sizing

Knowledge about market size for its products and services, both existing and forthcoming, is necessary for any business entity, and is the key to its success. More often than not, market sizing when internally done, despite doing so with care, ends up with faulty results with disastrous consequences for the company.

Internal company members are rarely unbiased about its products and the industry, and projections made internally, seldom match real life figures. Team members often do not have the dedicated time for research, and are disconnected from their end customers. Those bypassing channels and selling directly to customers are unaware of influencers in the market.

This is where we at Qyas, with our deep and insightful local knowledge and long experience of the Saudi Arabian and GCC market, come in to assist our clients. Qyas regularly assists clients with market sizing and forecasting. Our company has a dedicated and experienced team of consultants and bilingual surveyors to assist you with these activities. We do market sizing either as a standalone project or as a part of a larger activity such as assessing the prospects for a proposed new product. We do market sizing for you from both approaches, Top Down as well as Bottoms Up.

Some issues that we consider while doing market sizing:
  • Identifying current and potential customers by company size and type
  • Identifying competing products and how they may impact your market
  • Preparing product life cycle of your product and competing products
  • Identifying obstacles to success to your project ( related to specific customer types) that will or may limit the market potential
  • Identifying specific issues such as inadequate distribution channel or an insufficient number of salespeople

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