Our Capabilities

Qyas has resources, experience, and expertise to execute various types of researches using appropriate methodologies.

Primary data sources or secondary sources of data are utilized in our assignments as and where applicable. We cite the sources of all data appropriately in our reports. These primary and secondary research sources, combined with the consultants’ industry expertise, are synthesized into the qualitative and quantitative analysis presented in our reports.

The data is monitored strictly during collection and analyzed using the latest computer tools.

Special care is taken in making sure that the analyses are substantiated by facts. In cases, where facts are unknown and assumptions need to be made, consultants state their assumptions and explain their methodology, both within the body of a report and in direct conversations with clients.

Advanced Analytics

Collection of credible information is the backbone of all primary research studies. The optimum utilization of this information is possible through in-depth research and its incisive analysis. Use of computers and computer programming is a great help in this regard. New specialized software packages developed for market research make this job more meaningful.

In case standard software is unavailable to handle a problem, Qyas has in-house expertise to develop customized software and can draw upon man and machine resources of its sister concern CSE.

Research Methodology

Qyas utilizes a variety of information sources in executing its projects. The key component of all our assignments is primary research gained from face-to-face (F2F) surveys and telephonic interviews.

We ensure that due diligence is observed while designing the research methodology right from the research design stage. We customize standard research tools as per the study and client’s requirements.

Data Collection

A unique feature of Qyas is its unmatchable experienced and permanent field team that has executed several large and challenging surveys.

Our operations go beyond the geographical boundaries of the Kingdom and extend to GCC and Pan Arab countries.

We collect data through Face-to-Face (F2F), CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing), CATI(Computer Aided Telephonic Interviewing), and CAWI(Computer Aided Web Interviewing).

Some of Our
Prestigious Clients