Our Team

Qyas has a team of qualified and experienced professionals in the fields of Marketing Research, B2B Research, Economic Analysis, Econometrics, Statistics, and Field Operations, working on a full time basis. We have a panel of more than 200 ad-hoc field surveyors working with us for data collection. They are given excellent training on data collection prior to start of surveys.

The human resources of Qyas include the following:

  • Econometricians and Statisticians who have extensive knowledge of the environment, demographics, and various data and information of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC and Pan Arab countries and have capabilities to draw scientific samples which are representative of the population as a whole.
  • Economists and Marketing Consultants who understand the marketing problems, select the appropriate research and sampling design, analyze the survey results and present reliable findings with recommendations.
  • Electronic data processing and tabulation experts using the latest statistical systems.
  • Specially trained Survey Supervisors and Field Managers to scrutinize collected data and ensure credibility of information collected through field surveys.
  • A team of qualified bilingual (Arabic & English) male and female field surveyors having excellent experience in conducting field surveys in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC and Pan Arab countries.

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