Product Development Research

Are you in the process of developing a new product, but puzzled about how to approach the market? Qyas is there to help you, we organize Focus Groups, Trade Shows or we can make market surveys to find out whether your market will benefit from the product and the price your customers are willing to pay.

We do idea testing and business analysis of concepts and new ideas; what customers think of new product ideas, and shall they purchase them? We test preferred features, estimates of prices, market volumes and profitability of your product ideas.

We also do market testing of physical products with prototypes. Test the product with target customers, conduct Trade Shows and Focus Groups and get customer feedback for technical implementation.

During commercialization and launching of the product, we advise on the optimal distribution process and promotion for the product.

Our Product Development Research includes:
  • Idea/concept testing for new product/s
  • Test marketing for proptotypes
  • Channel building and promotion for newly launched products

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