Product Testing

Developed a new product and not yet sure how it will fit into the market what it shall ultimately mean for company’s bottom line?

Qyas and its specialized market research can explore the underlying needs of the market and make a judgement as to how well a new product meets these needs for you.

With our product testing research facilities, we make the connection between the unmet requirements of the consumer and your new product.

Questions that we ask in our product tests include:
  • Is the purpose of the product clear and can potential users be persuaded of the product's benefits? (This will show the clarity and purpose of the offering.)
  • Does the product meet a need? What is the specific nature of potential users' requirements? (This will assess the demand for the product.)
  • How are existing types of competing products used? (This will show the competition profile & behavior of people buying existing products.)
  • What challenges do people face in using existing products and what requirements are not being met? To what extent are users of current products satisfied with these products and their suppliers? (This will identify any gaps in the market.)
  • Is the price reasonable in light of the concept's perceived benefits? (This will show if people are prepared to pay an appropriate price for the new product.)
  • How likely are potential users to buy the product? (This will show purchase intent.)

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