Supply Dynamics

Every producer wants to keep a track of its competitors’ and industry supply. The company needs to have perfect knowledge of the number of suppliers in its industry, the market structure, transparency and pricing method prevailing in its markets, as well as the degree of product differentiation. However companies often lack the manpower to get first hand information, or fail to get unbiased information.

We at Qyas, with our strong team of surveyors are here to get the information you require. We cover various aspects of market supply.

We do macroeconomic research for you. Here we refer to the general economic and business environment. It focuses on factors that can influence the future balance between supply and demand. Examples of these factors are developments in employment in the kingdom, labor costs, inflation and order positions.

We focus on your specific sector or industry.. We gather specific information on supply information pertaining to your sector which comes in useful for your business.

At Qyas, we scan and analyze trade statistics relevant for your business.

Our Supply Analysis includes:
  • Assessing existing capacities
  • Identifying upcoming supply
  • Analyzing volume of trade
  • Analyzing sources and destinations of trade

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