Usage & Attitude Research

Do you keep a track of your customers’ usage of your products and their satisfaction levels? Are they changing? And what about your competitors? You need to track customers’ usage and attitude of your products to keep ahead of your competition, and Qyas is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom to help you in doing so.

Our usage and attitude studies assist our clients to develop marketing strategies for both products and services based on an understanding of the attitudes and opinions of the market. Strategies are market rather than internally driven.

Our usage and attitude marketing research investigates:
  • Desirable and irritating product attributes
  • Buying processes and frequency
  • Product strengths and weaknesses
  • Brand awareness, loyalty and image
  • Characteristics of product users.

The findings from our usage and attitude research can be applied to new product developments, product repositioning, customer service and support changes or shifts in brand marketing strategies.

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